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Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed

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At the end of the major poker tournament Bond passes a chip from the table to the dealer as a tip. While this is done in cash games, in a tournament the chips have no actual value. The chips are just markers to play with as the money is pooled together and paid out to those that cash, in this case in the special account that is unlocked by the password. If the chip had any value Bond would be tipping the dealer with the casino's money as all his winnings were in that account.

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Le Chiffre is torturing Bond for the password to authorise the transfer of the poker winnings and also intends to get the account number from Vesper.However both of these are useless to Le Chiffre as all they will do is authorise payment into what Le Chiffre believes is the Treasury's bank account.And in any case Le Chiffre would need the Swiss banker to transfer the funds but the Swiss banker would only visit the winner of the poker game to do this.


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