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Uninstall Adobe Flash Player 19 Problems

Did the uninstall, restarted computer, and on opening I have the same pop up about java and when I click for more info it takes me to the adobe site. And the flash player pane is now gone from my system preferences.

Uninstall Adobe Flash Player 19 Problems

Uninstall Adobe Flash Playe rand see if the problem goes away. If so you can try an earlier version. In my case the current version of Flash causes the HOOKER error bu the the May 4th release of the current version works just fine. Go to this link -player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html#main_Archived_versions Click on (Released 4/13/2012) Flash Player (159 MB) Phil Schaadt

It is beyond me how the HP team has waited until the 12th of January 2021 when the Adobe Flash Player has gone completely off the market, without fixing the problem beforehand. Please explain to me how such a large company did not foresee a problem with the printers/scanners in this regard? And what the bloody heck am I supposed to do now? I cannot use my HP printer, because Adobe flash player is now officially and now I am stuck. Gee thanks HP for making my life hell, I so appreciate it!

This blogpost describes a method I have used to uninstall Flash 19, when the original source files on the local computer are missing. Although all file names and values are specific to Flash 19, the overall method is generic. So if you have problems with uninstalling a software product because of missing sources (error 1706 : -2147483647 ), continue reading! :)

The answer is no because once you install the update KB4577586, it cannot be uninstalled. However if you wish to use the Adobe Flash player again on your windows device, you can try the below methods.


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