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Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed

Schizophrenia: Understanding Schizophrenia, And...

"We don't yet have a well-developed framework for understanding how these genes might play a role in schizophrenia," said SCHEMA co-corresponding author and PGC collaborator Mark Daly, who is also an institute member in the Stanley Center, Mass General ATGU faculty, and director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland at the University of Helsinki. "These genes will ultimately lead to some new insights, but are going to require a lot of experimental follow-up to see where they might fit in the puzzle."

Schizophrenia: Understanding Schizophrenia, and...

"The biological complexity of schizophrenia is truly daunting, but this combination of rare protein altering variants from exome sequencing and common variants from GWAS have put us on our way to understanding the roots of that complexity," said Hyman. "In these results, we may be seeing how synaptic abnormalities or losses begin in schizophrenia, giving us openings to diagnosing and treating people much earlier than we can today." 041b061a72


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