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Jonathan Reed

Cosmos: 1999 2x2 BEST

The Year One panels are tagged "X5 Computer" (occasionally seen in Year Two, in Eagle sets and outside Command Centre). There was an X5 Computer on the Uranus mission of 1986 (Death's Other Dominion), so the X5 is at least 13 years old in 1999. Although commercial computers have developed rapidly, computers in aircraft and spacecraft must be "hardened" against vibration, radiation and vacuum. As a consequence, aerospace computers develop much more slowly than business computing.

Cosmos: 1999 2x2

The usual approach is to determine confidence intervals for theverification scores using analytic, approximate, or bootstrapping methods (dependingon the score). Some good meteorological references on this subject areSeamanet al. (1996), Wilks (2011, ch.5), Hamill (1999), and Kane and Brown (2000).

Blaster's Universe is an American animated series produced by Nelvana based on the Blaster Learning System series that originally aired on CBS as part of its Saturday morning programming from September 4, 1999 to March 26, 2000.

This heirloom is a short indeterminate. Seeds collected from a region 60km south of Moscow and introduced by SESE in 1999. Zarnista translates to "summer lightning". An early bearing, productive, red-fruited variety with fruit averaging 2 x 2 1/2 in. Short vines are suited for staking or ground culture. Well-balanced flavor - sweet, buttery, and smooth. Resists cracking. 041b061a72


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